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Do you want to come to China? Do you want to grow by leaps and bounds in your Chinese level?

Choose to Study Abroad with "Great Wall Chinese"!

Great Wall Chinese Classroom - A combination of teaching and practice

Our teaching method is that we try to combine the teaching and practice together, we'll arrange some activities according to what the students learn, so that they can experience the interactive exercises in a real environment, such as: Shopping in the store   Ordering food in the restaurant   Asking the way

Chinese Culture Course
  • Chinese knot
  • Polymer clay
  • Tai Chi
  • Paper-cut
  • Chinese Painting
  • Calligraphy

In addition, in order to meet the students'demand that they want to learn more about Chinese, we also offer different Cultural Programs with Chinese characteristics.

Taking Study Abroad as the main line and learning as content, the combination of both is the practice.

Learn by traveling combining theory and practice.

Why should join our Study Abroad course?

We guarantee that our program is completely safe and secure;


Chinese courses will be taught by our senior teachers using Great Wall Chinese advanced multimedia courseware and interactive mode of teaching;


Participant student will explore our traditional culture including Chinese paper cutting, Chinese knotting, Chinese Kung Fu, calligraphy, folk art, pottery making and Chinese songs;


Accommodation is offered by our first-class partner schools, chosen as our Chinese Promotion Base from all over the country. Students will be arranged in the standard room with private bathroom;


Participant student will get the course-completion certificate which issued by Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban)-Great Wall Chinese Center.

More than 20 countries, 60 institutions and 8 years of operating experience

Since 2009, we have received student delegations and school heads from the United States, Germany, France, Australia, Finland, Ireland, South Korea, Thailand and other countries.

With very good reviews both from teachers and students.