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We provide three schedule options

One week in Bejing for Chinese learning and Sightseeing
  • Pick-up at airport -> A warm welcome ceremony in Great Wall Chin  Center -> check in
  • Opening Ceremony -> Visit school -> Visit Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban)
  • Great Wall Chinese Course study & practice in multimedia classroom;Calligraphy learning,and sightseeing preparation
  • Field trips to  Qianmen,Tiananmen Square,The Forbidden City,the Temple of Heaven,Wangfujing Street,acrobatice show(or Shaolin Kung Fu show,the most exciting Kung Fu show in the world)
  • Great Wall Chinese Course study & practice in the multimedia classroom -> Chinese song learning -> Shopping in Yashow Market
  • Field trips to the Great Wall,the National Olympic Sports Center Stadium(Bird's Nest & the Water Cube) and Summer Palace -> certificate ceremony
  • See-off(the end of a pleasant trip to China)
One week in Bejing for sightseeing only
  • Pick-up at airport -> A warm welcome ceremony in Great Wall Chinese Center -> check-in -> Grocery Shopping;
  • Visit Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban) -> Visit Wangfujing Street
  • Visit Juyongguan Pass of the Great Wall -> Visit the National Olympic Sports Center Stadium (Bird's Nest& the Water Cube)
  • Vist Qianmen, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven
  • Vist the Summer Palace, Xiushui Shopping Mall, and enjoy Chinese acrobatics show;
  • Visit Beihai Park, Nanluogu Lane, Yashow Markit, Watch an IMAX movie in cinema
  • See-of (the end of a pleasant trip to China)
Two weeks in Beijing & Xi'an for Chinese learning and sightseeing
  • Pick-up at airport -> A warm welcome ceremony in Great Wall Chinese Center -> check-in;
  • Opening Ceremony -> Visit school -> Visit Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban);
  • Classes including Math, Geography, English, and History with peer Chinese students and Learn Chinese Kung Fu in the afternoon;
  • Field trips to Qianmen, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, Nanluogu Lane, Beijing old Hutong and acrobatics show (or Shaolin Kung Fu show, the most exciting Kung Fu show in the word);
  • Field trip to the Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven;
  • Learn a Chinese song, Visit the National Olympic Sports Center Stadium (Bird's Nest& the Water Cube) and Wangfujing Street. Train to Xi'an at night;
  • Visit the World Heritage, the Terracotta Army;
  • Visit Xi'an old city and old city wall, Halal food tasting Return to Beijing at night;
  • Great Wall Chinese Course study & Practice in the multimedia classroom -> Calligraphy learning;
  • Great Wall Chinese Course study & Practice in the multimedia classroom, Getting together with peer Chinese students -> certificate ceremony;
  • Field trips to the Summer Palace -> Watch am IMAX movie in cinema;
  • Shopping in Yashow Markit -> enjoy Shaolin Kung Fu show, the most exciting Kung Fu show in the world;
  • See-off (the end of a pleasant trip to China)


We also have more schedule options such as two weeks in Beijing & Chengdu (Panda's hometown) or two weeks in Beijing & Suzhou (the garden city), or other cities.

  • The schedule above can be negotiated with the organizers in Confucius Institutes who are responsible for your courses.
  • Courses cost, accommodation, travel expenses, textbooks, movie tickets, and accidental injury insurance are included in the price; international round-trip air-fare is not included.


  • Better to have over 10 students in your group.
  • Other than the Chinese Spring Festival(from January 20th,2012 to February 16th), all the time are acceptable.