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Study Abroad is the most traditional form of learning and education in the nations and national civilizations of the world. The East Five, as recorded in the Bible, congratulates the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and the travel of the Italian traveler Marco Polo in China, and reveals the rich information contained in the ancient and western travel exchanges. Since ancient times, Chinese people have attached great importance to the important role of study tours in the formation of personality and the formation of knowledge. Confucius led the disciples to travel around the country to increase their disciples’ knowledge and to cultivate their disciples' quality and broaden their horizons. "Reading tens of thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles" is even a well-known example of education in ancient China.
The Great Wall Chinese Center is a Chinese teaching institution directly under the Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters.
With the use of "Great Wall Chinese" in 349 Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in 91 countries, in order to expand international exchanges and respond to the suggestions of some Confucius Institute teachers, Great Wall Chinese Center has launched the "Great Wall Chinese Study Tour Experience in China" program. The project takes "Great Wall Chinese" as the main teaching material, adopts thematic task design, and teaches students at different levels. Designing simulation scenes and actual scenes to perform language exercises so that students can quickly grasp what they have learned. Such as: ordering food, asking for directions, sending postcards, shopping, etc.
The main objective of the program to Study Abroad with Great Wall Chinese is to solve the basic communication problem of the students' daily life once they arrive in China. In the period of time the students is in China (usually between 1-4 weeks), they have at their disposal language classes, culture, accommodation in an institution or with a family, visit the main Chinese cities and thus, combine perfectly the learning with the trip.